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Omnadren is a combination of four substances; testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone caporate and testosterone isocaporate. The four substances have different half lives and so they release in the body at different times. You can buy omnadren if you want your blood testosterone level to peak quickly. The combination of the four compounds makes Omnadren quite powerful and that’s why the user notices immediate results with the use of this steroid.

If you are looking for rapid muscle mass and dramatic gain in strength then you must definitely buy omnadren. Omnadren gives bigger and better muscles because it gives the body the ability to retain nitrogen and encourages protein synthesis. Both protein and nitrogen are crucial for muscle growth. Omnadren is also known to increase the appetite of the user; the correct combination of workouts, a protein rich diet and Omnadren can work miracles for the user. You can also buy omnadren if you are looking for weight gain in a short span of time and it is highly recommended during the bulking phase. The strength gain with this steroid is also impressive. Omnadren also increases aggression and drive to train more. It also helps the body muscles heal from any injury caused by intense training. Omnadren is also said to combat the muscle wasting diseases. To sum up, all those who seek weight gain, bigger muscles, more strength and stamina in a short period of time should buy omnadren.

Side Effects of Omnadren


If something is that amazing why all of the steroid users doesn’t use it. This is because everyone has a different body structure and medical history. One can bear well with certain side effects whereas others can’t. Thus there is a need to make sure the type of drug you are using suits your body to ensure better results and lesser negatives. Omnadren has its own side effects which the users must be aware of before they decide to buy omnadren.

Omnadren exhibits some strong estrogen related side effects such as water retention. Water retention gives the muscles a bloated look by hiding their hardness and density. This means users wishing to have speed along with strength should not use it (or use it with counter compounds) because by causing water retention omnadren will cause more tiredness and fatigue resulting in lesser speed. Omnadren also causes gynocomastia in men. Both Gynocomastia and water retention can however be brought under control if anti-estrogen drugs are used along with Omnadren. Omnadren shows stronger androgenic side effects as it converts to DHT through 5-alpha reductase. The problems associated with the DHT conversion include hair loss, acne and increased facial and body hair. Hair loss occurs because the prolong use of Omnadren dries up the hair follicles and ultimately renders them useless. Steroid acne occurs because of the accumulation of sebum; an oily film under the skin. The steroid acne due to Omnadren is visible on lower and upper arms, chest, back, shoulders and even face.

With the above mentioned side effects one should make sure he/she uses the drug as per instructions. Failure to comply with the recommendations could lead to harm more than the achieved benefits.

Buy Omnadren Online

Omnadren is manufactured by a Polish pharmaceutical company, Jelfa. Omnadren is cheaper as compared to Sustanon another powerful combination steroid and has almost the same properties as Sustanon; for this reason, Omnadren is often referred to as “poor man’s Sustanon”. Though easily available, the Omnadren you get on black market is often not pure. It is not advisable to buy omnadren on the black market as it is not only illegal but nothing can be said about the quality of the drug. Using low quality drug will not only risk your performance but also your health. So beware and stay away from buying the drug from places you are not sure about. 

If you want to buy omnadren, you should try the online pharmacies. A reputed online pharmacy is the one which has been in business at least for five years and has a number of satisfied customers. Customer reviews will make your task of choosing the dealer easier. You can buy omnadren from a reputed online pharmacy at a reasonable price.